Module 2: Theory & Approaches | Healthcare Institute for Innovations in Quality

TIARA Module 2

Theory & Approaches

Pre-Session Work

  • Required Readings
    • Flottorp et al, Checklist 
    • Powell et al, Refined Implementation Strategies 
    • Brehaut et al, Suggestions for Optimizing 
  • Optional Readings
    • Damscroder & Lowery, Evaluation of MOVE 
    • Michie et al, Making Psych Theory Useful for Implementation 
    • Proctor et al, Implementation Strategies-Recommendations for Spec and Reporting 
    • Weiner, Theory of Organizational Readiness to Change 
  • Identify and Bring:
    • Identify a project that you are planning, implementing, or maintaining, and whether it is in your work place (real world), in a research protocol, or if you have none of these, consider an implementation of change in your home or personal life. 
    • Bring a key reference for an evidence-based practice you are implementing. This might be a report of an RCT describing the practice and why it’s important.
  • QVIC Collaborate2Cure (C2C) sessions, for those obtaining the TIARA certificate can be found and registered for here: 

Required Readings

Flottorp et al

A checklist for identifying determinants of practice

Powell, et al

A refined compilation of implementation strategies

Brehaut et al

Practice Feedback Interventions

Optional Readings

Damscroder & Lowery

Evaluation of a large-scale weight management program using the consolidated framework for implementation research (CFIR)

Michie et al

Making psychological theory useful for implementing evidence based practice: a consensus approach

Proctor et al

Implementation strategies: recommendations for specifying and reporting


A theory of organizational readiness for change