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Tracie Breeding, BSN, RN

Project Manager, Transition of Care Heart Failure, KC QVIC

Tracie Breeding is a Cardiovascular Outcomes Research Nurse at Saint Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City Mid America Heart Institute. She graduated from the University of Missouri and has worked at Saint Luke’s Hospital for her entire career. She has worked in a variety of nursing roles within her 31 years – including cardiovascular (CV) surgical step-down; developing and implementing the CV surgical pre-op program; developing and implementing the CV home health program; working as an outpatient cardiac rehab nurse; project manager at the Saint Luke’s call center for triage and referrals; and project manager with the Outcomes Research group, managing the relationship and work with the American College of Cardiology (ACC). Tracie is excited to join the QVIC team, strongly believing in the core aims of this organization to better healthcare for our community. She is a project manager for the Transitions of Care Heart Failure team.