Christina Pacheco | Kansas City Quality & Value Innovation Consortium

Christina Pacheco,JD, MPH

Researcher and Outcomes Manager

Christina M. Pacheco, JD, MPH is a Researcher and Outcomes Manager at the Saint Luke's Mid-American Heart Institute in Kansas City, Missouri. She graduated from William Mitchell College of Law in Saint Paul, Minnesota in 2008 with her Juris Doctor (JD) and from the University of Kansas Medical Center (KUMC) in Kansas City, Kansas with her Master of Public Health. She is currently pursuing an Interdisciplinary PhD in Bioinformatics and Social Science at the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC). Ms. Pacheco has worked in the field of policy and law for more than 13 years and in the field of public health for over 11 years. She has aided in the development of culturally tailored public health interventions particularly in the realms of tobacco, environmental health and healthy eating and physical activity. Ms. Pacheco is a community based participatory researcher whose interests focus on health inequities faced by Indigenous communities with regards to cardiovascular health. She is interested in understanding how social impediments (also known as determinants) impact cardiovascular health for Indigenous and Latin@ communities. Ms. Pacheco has taught health policy at KUMC and has served as a guest lecturer for many other classes with a focus on Indigenous health and health inequities.