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The Healthcare Institute for Innovations in Quality is spearheading two projects to engage multiple health systems in a value-improvement project, supported by the research community.

Opioid Management

To reduce the negative outcomes of opioid use in the KC region, the Institute partnered with the Missouri Hospital Association, which serves 144 member hospitals. Together, the two organizations collaborated with several groups from across Missouri to replicate an emergency department initiated opioid overdose program – Engaging Patients in Care Coordination.

Transitions of Care for Heart Failure

Heart failure is a ‘carousel’ whereby patients with chronic heart failure experience exacerbations that drive them to the emergency department where, more than 80% of the time, they are admitted, treated and discharged, only to be readmitted. To help hospitals, almost a dozen different evidence-based strategies have been identified by the Institute and were implemented across the KC region.


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