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Who We Are

The KC QVIC is a novel collaboration of multiple stakeholders committed to improving the value of healthcare in the Kansas City region.

Goals of the Healthcare Institute for Innovations in Quality

The long-term goal of the Institute is to catalyze multi-stakeholder collaboration dedicated to improving the value of healthcare in the region and to serve as a vehicle for more rapidly testing the effectiveness of new innovations to routine healthcare delivery. The focus of the Institute is on the strategic priorities of the hospitals and the needs of the community.

Originally known as the KC QVIC, this work was initiated through the solicitation of all regional hospitals’ quality improvement goals from leadership and experts throughout the region. The goal was to create a broad list of quality improvement initiatives and determine innovation projects with the greatest overlap across all of the stakeholders.

We believe that if each hospital were to invest resources in improving healthcare delivery, the research community would help them achieve their goals.  Not only will researchers share evidence-based strategies to improve the value of care and assist with implementation, they could also provide the infrastructure and analytic expertise to evaluate the success of the interventions. This also focuses on the return on investment for the hospitals and payers and was identified to be a much-needed resource for the region.

From January 2018 through February 2019, we held over 45 meetings with more than 135 individuals and groups, including 14 hospitals, 4 payers, 2 state hospital associations, 4 state and local public health departments, 9 community-based organizations and >50 researchers

More About Healthcare Institute for Innovations in Quality

Our Leadership

Our forward thinking leadership team is made up of dedicated and focused healthcare professionals working together to make a difference. 

Strategic Advisory Board

Encompassing the mission and vision of the KC QVIC, our board is a diverse group of healthcare professionals committed to advancing our work.