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KC QVIC Receives Grant to Advance Value-Based Healthcare and Improve Patient Outcomes

Sep 09, 2020

KC QVIC Receives Grant to Advance Value-Based Healthcare and Improve Patient Outcomes

For Immediate Release: September 9, 2020

KANSAS CITY, MO – BioNexus KC has awarded a $79,900 grant to the Kansas City Quality and Value Innovation Consortium (KC QVIC) to facilitate data acquisition, amplify messaging and sustain growth for their first two pilot projects: opioid management and transitions of care for heart failure.

The KC QVIC mission of improving the value of healthcare through collaboration has been supported by the life sciences community in Kansas City. BioNexus KC leveraged its Collaborate2Cure series on Value-Based Care and Quality Outcomes from January 2018 through November 2019. The series demonstrated the KC QVIC’s value and impact in fostering collaboration to improve health outcomes. “The KC QVIC team interviewed senior level healthcare executives to learn about existing value-based healthcare priorities and needs.” said Keith Gary, Vice President of BioNexus KC. “The Collaborate2Cure series facilitated the process of narrowing their extensive needs list to two high-value projects, both of which align with our Path to 2025.”

Value-based care differs from a fee-for-service approach, in which providers are paid based on the number of services they provide. The “value” in value-based care is a result of improved health outcomes versus the cost of delivering those outcomes. The value-based model will drive down healthcare costs while improving clinical outcomes and helping people lead healthier lives. “Kansas City’s uniquely collaborative culture between healthcare institutions, payers, providers, researchers, and community-based organizations is a true asset. We are thrilled to work with our stakeholders to advance health outcomes and reduce costs and health inequalities,” Dr. Stacy Farr, leader of the KC QVIC said.“BioNexus KC has been an outstanding partner in achieving our regional goal of improving health and healthcare in Kansas City.”

Over the next 3-5 years, the KC QVIC will continue to engage with regional health systems to expand the list of quality improvement initiatives that benefit multiple stakeholders. If each hospital were to invest resources in improving healthcare delivery, the research community would help them achieve their objectives and improve their return on investment. The researchers will be able to:

  • Share evidence-based strategies to improve the value of care and assist with implementation
  • Provide the infrastructure and analytic expertise to evaluate the success of the interventions


About BioNexus KC:

BioNexus KC believes we can do more to care for people and animals. We inspire thinkers from different disciplines to combine their efforts for a common purpose — healthcare innovation. From bioinformatics to cancer research and beyond, our goal is to stimulate collaboration and advance emerging technologies from concept to reality.

The KC region is a global leader at the nexus of human and animal health benefiting all our citizens and the economy. Our mission is to highlight life sciences resources and their value to the community through collaboration and commercialization. BioNexus KC creates opportunities at the nexus of:

  • Human and Animal Health
  • Academia and Industry
  • Kansas and Missouri

About KC QVIC:

The Kansas City Quality and Value Innovation Consortium (KC QVIC) is a novel collaboration of stakeholders committed to improving the value of healthcare in Kansas City. The long-term mission is to elevate the region and to serve as a vehicle for more rapidly testing the effectiveness of new innovations in healthcare delivery.

The KC QVIC is spearheading two projects to engage multiple health systems in a value-improvement project, supported by the research community.

  • Opioid management
  • Transitions of care for heart failure

Media Inquiries:
Dr. Keith Gary
BioNexus KC – Vice President

Jennifer Lindholm
BioNexus KC – Marketing & Communications Manager